Paintball Prices

Full Day

Basic Package

Afforable entry package with no enough paintballs, you will need to buy paintballs on arrival.


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Standard Package

A great entry package if you are having a party, this is enough paint for your first few games


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Rambo Package

1000 balls is a generous amount of ammo, will allow you to shoot all through the session, without fear of running out!


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Ultimate Package

This is for the trigger happy players! Loads of ammo! You will have a blast!


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Paintball Pricing Information


100 Paintballs

Buy 100 extra paintballs for just £7 give you an advantage over the enemy.

500 Paintballs

£30 gets you 500 paintballs and saves you 15%


Book our fantastic packages and receive the following:

  • Latest semi-automatic paintball gun 
  • Free gas
  • Full camoflage overalls, goggles and face mask


Pay in full for this amazing deal! Use our brand new booking system, set up a group and let people pay for their own place online! Skirmish guarantee of a private game for over 20 players not included in this package, unless £100 supplement paid by arrangement with head office.

Half days include approx. 4-6 paintball games, Full days include approx. 8-12 paintball games.