Paintball Ipswich

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Want to play Paintball near Ipswich ?

Choose Skirmish Paintball Ipswich , with a great location , set in 80 acres of themed woodland North of Ipswich adjacent to the A12, we are the ideal venue if you have a special occasion to celebrate or just fancey a great day out with your mates.

Paintball was an extreme sport when it first came to the UK. Now it is considered main stream but is as much fun as always but the equipment is far superure today

What makes Skirmish Paintball Differant

Six Themed Paintball Maps

At Skirmish Ipswich we have six great paintball maps for you, each one providing differant objectives and terrain for you to fight over. From the Jungle, which is dense and dark, a slowly slowly, catch a monkey field to our Chemical Dump which is the smallest map and provides in your face paintball from the off !!!!!!!!!!

Professional Paintball Staff

All the staff at Skirmish Ipswich are there for the customers enjoyment and safty, and with 27 years experiance of running paintball we think we have it off to a tee.

What we offer that is differant.

  1. Private Paintball Game*.            Bring 20 Paintball Players and we will give you a private game
  2. No Pro Paintball Players*           You will not be mixed in with Pro players at Skirmish Ipswich
  3. Low Volume Paintball Usage     Our Paintball maps are designed for movement, not static play firing hundreds of balls
  4. No Marshal game*.                    At Skirmish Paintball Ipswich you will not have to fight the Staff one game.
  5. Thermal Paintball Goggles.       We use thermal paintball lense in our goggles which reduces steaming up.
  6. Six Paintball Maps                     The are six great differant paintball maps at our Ipswich Venue.


* We are the only Ipswich Paintball venue to make these promises, so if you want a great day of Paintball in the Ipswich area call Skirmish Paintball Games.


What events do we cater for? 


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